North Wales’ premier holiday entertainment complex!

Knightly's Fun Park, Sandbank Rd, Towyn, LL22 9LD


Apr 2024
Open 11AM - 10PM
Open 11AM - 6PM
Open at 6PM

Thrill-Filled Family Attractions

Knightly's Funfair

Knightly’s Funfair has a fantastic range of rides for the whole family! Experience high speed thrills and heart pumping excitement! We’ve got rides for the little ones too as well as games and food stalls to keep the whole family entertained all day!

We welcome everyone to Knightly’s Funfair free of charge, you only pay if you want to go on the rides! We also welcome dogs, so you don’t have to leave your furry friends behind!

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Limited Time Thrills

This Season Only!

This season at Knightly’s Fun Park we are welcoming the latest limited time rides. Perfect for adrenaline junkies looking for a fix! Get your credits now and hop on for a ride filled with thrills and excitement.

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Extreme Orbiter

If you are an over 4ft 3inches adrenaline junkie looking for your perfect fix, then look no further. The extreme orbiter will send you spinning through the air at extreme and thrilling speeds leaving you wanting more and more.


Use your speed and skill to dodge and weave around the track to become the dodgems best driver. Or simply hop in for a ride and thrill on this funfair classic. Must be over 4ft to drive. No head on bumping.

The Sizzler

Slide to the end and squash your friends. For your thrill-seeking guests, this funfair ride will speed you into a spin as you go round and around...and around...and keep on going! The sizzler is a family favourite for all to enjoy. This ride will sure to leave you wanting more.

The Freakout

This ride is not for the faint hearted, it will have you flying high into the air giving you the best views of the North Wales coast as you can see for miles and miles, that is if you dare to keep your eyes open whilst riding this thrill-seeking machine. Must be over 4ft 3inches to ride.


A timeless classic. The knightlys waltzer has been everyone’s favourite for many generations. If you want to go faster make sure you scream louder. Fabulous fun for everyone. Ride if you dare.


A modern fairground classic that many of you know and love. This ride will send your tummy flipping as you go over the top and down as you drop. Must be 4ft or over to ride.


READY! STEADY! GO! Show your skills as you race your friends around the track. Choose from a 2-seater where you can take your little ones with you or you can go faster in our single. Must be 18 or over to drive the 2-seater. Height restrictions apply.

Action Packed Fun for the Whole Family!

With free entry for everyone and thrilling rides for all ages, we offer an amazing day out.

Only pay for the rides you use!

Easy Beach Access!

Cars for Kids

Brand new this season and you’re in for a treat! Jump on our buggies and drive yourself around the bends.

Teacups and saucers

Anyone for a spot of tea? For the daring youngsters who want to ride on their own or with their friends, this is a fabulous funfair ride that has entertained since the days of the first funfairs. You have a choice of 6 beautifully painted character themed cups. If you want to go faster you can ask one of the knightlys crew to spin you.


Roll up roll up! Come inside this wacky funhouse fun for all the family! It will sure have you laughing and giggling with your friends and family. Dare yourself to go around the spinning hamster wheel.

Little wheel

Come and jump on the mini wheel see the fair from the air! Fun for the little ones to go around and round.

Pirate ship

Ahoy me hearties, jump aboard the swinging pirate ship. Raise your hands in the air if you dare.


Jump on your favourite vehicle with lots to choose from. We will take you along the track and over the hill. Great fun for your little ones.

Gold mine express

One of our newest additions here at knightlys. Jump on our runaway mine train, taking you round the bend, up, down and all around. Try not to get caught by the sheriff.


Choose your favourite character style jet and jump in ready for take-off. They will fly you into the sky and drop you at your destination.

Santafe train

All aboard the santafe train for a trip around the wild west.


Grab your awe and paddle yourself along knightlys river. Be sure not to get in the crossfire of the cowboys and Indians. This attraction is fun for the little ones.

Chairs and horses

Fun fact! This ride is one of the first rides ever here at knightlys. It’s a classic that has been loved for many years and will always leave a smile on your child’s face.

Toy set

Jump on the merry go round and choose your favourite toy to ride on. We have a big red London bus or a mini waltzer car and many more to choose from.

Ski lift

Grab your skis and your off! The ski lifts will take you up, down and all around! Great fun for the little ones.

Hook a duck

Grab yourself a fishing rod and catch yourself a prize-winning duck. Prize everytime!

North Wales’ premier holiday entertainment complex!

Knightly's Fun Park, Sandbank Rd, Towyn, LL22 9LD