Have all the fun of the fair at Knightly's!

We have a fantastic range of rides for the whole family! Experience the high speed thrill of our go kart racing track, bounce around to the speed of sound on the Tagada, or if you're not feeling that brave, why not have a go on one of our family rides such as the teacups or our beach fun house!

Rides & Attractions

  • Go Karts

    Go Karts

    Knightly’s funfair provides an unforgettable Go Karting experience for all levels. We have a range of Go Karts for groups and individuals including the Fast Daytona, The Family 2 Seater and the Kiddie's Karts! *height and age restrictions do apply.

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  • Guest Rides

    Guest Rides

    To keep things changing and fresh for you, Knightly’s funfair introduces a guest ride for the Summer months and Bank Holidays. Something extreme for the thrill seekers! Check out our Facebook page to see whats coming next and for daily updates of events.

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  • Dragon Coaster

    Dragon Coaster

    Dare you ride the twin spiral Dragon Roller Coaster?! A great ride for all the family to enjoy with its twists and turns thundering through the station, a must on your visit! And don’t forget to stop at the photo shack!

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  • Tagada


    A ride all the way from the U.S.A Knightly’s funfair proudly presents its newest addition, the Tagada. For all the thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies out there, this machine is perfect for you. bounce around to the speed of sound!

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  • The Twist

    The Twist

    The Twist has proved to be one of the most popular and enduring rides ever to grace the UK fairgrounds, the ride takes you backwards and forwards and leaves you wanting more.

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  • The Dodgems

    The Dodgems

    The old favorite Dodgem cars! 70 foot of track to drive the family wild on the Route 66 dodgem! “Dodgem don’t bump em!”

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  • New Ride

    New Ride

    Arriving very soon - get ready for something BIG! Not for the faint hearted!

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  • Extreme Machine

    Extreme Machine

    One for the thrill seekers, this is one of the most popular rides on the park. Extreme Machine starts and stops and spins you round to the speed of sound it also has an added extra little something to keep you coming back.

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  • The Waltzer

    The Waltzer

    Thousands of coloured lights, nightclub lighting effects, a smoke machine and 8 lazers, no wonder the amusement park is dazzling at night!

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